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  • Maintenance Emergencies At Your Rental Property


    If you own a rental property chances are your Residents will some day report a maintenance emergency that requires an immediate response. Your property management company is on call 24 hours per day. While you are working, enjoying your free time and resting peacefully, your property manager is watching over your rental property; ready to employ the resources necessary to handle any maintenance emergency that may arise.

    The most commonly reported maintenance emergencies involve water, gas or electricity.

    Water Emergencies

    Gushing water can wreak havoc on your rental property if not mitigated quickly. Busted water pipes, broken drain lines and failing water heaters all have the potential to create serious damage to your rental property.

    Do you know who to call at 5 AM on a Sunday when your Residents report water gushing through a ceiling? Your property management company has established valuable relationships with reliable and reputable plumbing services, ensuring access to a licensed plumber 24 hours per day.

    Your property manager will assess the extent of water damage to determine if water extraction or restoration services are necessary. Water and moisture in walls, carpets and other flooring must be removed within a 24 hour period to prevent additional damage and to protect the health & saftey of your Residents.

    Gas Emergencies

    If your Residents smell natural gas or suspect a gas leak in the home they should leave the home and call PG&E immediately.

    Signs of a possible gas leak include:

    -Sulfur like smell or rotten egg smell

    -Hissing, whistling or roaring sounds

    -Damaged connections to gas appliances

    -Dead or dying vegetation in otherwise moist areas over or near pipeline areas

    -Unusual soil movement or bubbling water

    In most cases a gas leak can be easily repaired. A pilot light may need to be re-lit or a gas line connection may have become loose. If PG & E identifies a more serious problem a technician will issue a report of their findings and require that repairs are completed before gas can be turned back on.

    Depending on the nature of required repairs your property manager will assign a licensed plumber, general contractor or HVAC technician to complete the repairs required by PG & E. As a rental property owner you should hope for the best and be prepared for the worst. Eliminating a gas leak often requires the replacement of a gas appliance, a water heater or even a furnace.

    Electrical Emergencies

    Although electrical issues are less likely to result in emergencies, a true electrical emergency can be catastrophic if not taken seriously.

    If the electricity goes out your Residents should reset the circuit breaker to determine if the problem is a short-circuit in the home's electrical system. If other homes in the neighborhood are dark, the problem is likely a power outage. If so, there is nothing your property manager can do other than instruct Residents to call the electricity company for more information.

    Some electrical calls are different, and should prompt an immediate response from your property management company. Electrical failures or malfunctions cause thousand of fires in U.S. homes each year. Some electrical fire dangers are hidden inside the walls. An experienced property manager who knows the warning signs can keep an electrical fire from happening in your home.

    If your Residents report circuit breakers that trip or fuses that blow repeatedly your property manager will request that a licensed electrician conduct a wiring inspection of your rental property as quickly as possible. Upgrading old, inadequate or damaged wiring is the most common resolution to most electrical issues.


    Our experienced property managers in Modesto are equipped with the knowledge and resources to protect your rental property when maintenance emergencies arise. Contact our office today to learn more.